Plans and Policies

Tourism Policy

Abound with unique natural beauty, immensely rich bio-diversity, multi-ethnicity, variety of languages and religions, social heterogeneity and historical as well as cultural heritage, Nepal is well known in the global tourism map as a major tourist destination. In the context where the entire world is being converted into one village due to the unprecedented advancement in the fields of science, technology and communication, Nepal needs to present such national heritages before the world, in order to enhance the capability to obtain maximum benefit by attracting global tourism market. Since tourism industry in itself is a major basis of national economic development, it has become essential to enhance the livelihood and employment opportunities of the general population and improve their standard of living by diversification and expansion of this business. For this purpose, while, on the one hand, it is imperative to aptly protect and preserve these heritages of Nepal, on the other hand it is necessary to have quantitative as well as qualitative growth of tourism service industry by developing all kinds of infrastructures relating to tourism service including international air transport services.

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