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New Tourism Policy

The present policy expects to introduce  Nepal as an attractive, beautiful and safe destination in the international tourism map with increased employment opportunity for livelihood, productivity and living standard of general public and economic growth along with contribution in the revenue due to the increase in various activities and enterprises of tourism sector such as airlines, hotel, travel and tour. by providing opportunity of livelihood and productivity to common people,  by increasing the diverse tourism activity and enterprise like airlines, hotel, travel and tour alongwith improvement of people's living standard and economic development and contribution to revenue.  This will develop ownership of local community especially in the area or rural tourism and competitiveness in quality services. Furthermore, it will improve the operation of existing infrastructure of the tourism sectors and promote and encourage the investment in the infrastructure development of new potential tourism area. It will also provide an opportunity to learn the best practices of other countries due to the opportunity to market the established social and cultural tradition through tourists from other countries. Additional encouragement in the tourism sector may also be attained due to conservation and propagation of cultural, natural, archeological and biological heritages of various sectors thereby facilitating the easy dissemination of specialty of Nepal.