Tourism Resource Center


Policies for tourism development shall be as follows:
  1. Master plans shall be formulated for the development of tourism industry along with the concept of regional development and such shall be implemented while including them in periodic plans and annual programmes.
  2. Rural tourism shall be developed as a sub-sector of tourism management. Appropriate inclusive and cooperative structure shall be formed and developed in order to share the benefits of tourism management among deprived groups including women, Madhesi, indigenous and ethnic groups who were not included in the development process of the country.
  3. Internal tourism shall be projected as a sub-sector of tourism management.
  4. Tourism industry shall be categorised in a special manner on the basis of nature of services provided by tourism industry, and shall be categorized  into large, medium and small scale industries on the basis of capacity of services to be provided by the tourism industries.
  5. Investment in large scale tourism industries shall be opened for public and private partnership through national and international investors, and investment in medium and small scale tourism industries shall be opened on the basis of priority for national investors on the basis. Tourism infrastructure development shall be implemented with the legal concept and mechanism of Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model.
  6. Aviation sector, which plays vital role in infrastructural development of tourism sector, shall be made safe, regular and reliable.
  7. The role of private sector shall be encouraged in the tourism sector, while the role of government in the development of this sector shall be that of facilitator, regulator, coordinator and motivator in the construction of large infrastructures and in the development and expansion of tourism services or tourism product.
  8. Programmes, such as development and management of human resources, formulation and implementation of master plans and collection and use of data shall be implemented in coordination with the private sector, for quantitative and qualitative enhancement of tourism service,
  9. In the development, construction and operation of tourism infrastructure, implementation aspect thereof shall be made effective, while environment conservation aspect  shall be given priority.
  10. Modern information technology shall be used for the marketing of tourism enterprises.
  11. Necessary arrangements shall be made for the facilities and safety of tourists.
  12. Different types of facilities and concessions shall be provided in order to establish tourism industry as a basic industry.
  13. Relationship between entrepreneurs and workers involved in tourism industry shall be made harmonious.
  14. Legal, institutional and procedural provisions relating to tourism shall be improved, for the development, expansion, promotion and coordination of tourism
  15. Implementation of different activities related to tourism industry and the development, construction and expansion of its infrastructure shall be carried out in integrated way through coordination with concerned ministries and agencies.
  16. A high level Tourism Council and Tourism Development Coordination Committee shall be formed for the effective implementation of Tourism Policy and coordination among the ministries and concerned agencies.