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(1)    Short title and commencement

1.    This Act shall be called “Nepal Tourism Board Act, 2053”.
2.    This Act shall come into force from the date directed in the notice published in Nepal Gazette by His Majesty’s Government.

(2)    Definition

Unless the subject or context of this act otherwise requires,
(a)    “Board” means “Nepal Tourism Board” established under Section

(b)    “Committee” means Executive Committee formed under Section 3.
(c)    “Chairman” means the chairman of the committee.
(d)    “Vice Chairman” means the vice chairman of the committee.
(e)    “Member” means the member of the committee and this word also refers to the chairman, vice chairman and the member secretary of the committee.
(f)    “Executive Chief” means the executive chief of the Board appointed under Section 14.
(g)    “Tourist” means any non-Nepali citizen coming to the kingdom of Nepal for a visit from any foreign country.
(h)    “Tourism” means:
(1)    An occupation providing national and international transport service to the tourists.
(2)    Occupations providing full or partial transport lodging, travel, restaurant service, sightseeing, guidance, mountaineering, trekking, rafting and other adventurous and entertaining services and services earning foreign currency for that matter.
(3)    Business selling groceries and other commodities fully or partially to the tourists.

(4)    Any activity like the presentation of, fully or partially, art and culture, or any other exhibition, gathering, fair or publicity campaign conducted for attracting tourists under sub-clause (1), (2) and (3).
(i)    “Direct” as “directed” means directed by this Act or by the rules and regulations formed under this Act.