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July 19, 2013
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Subash Nirola appointed as NTB's Acting CEO
NTB interacted with tourism associations on new marketing strategies
Promoting Nepal as a MICE destination discussed
Chalo Purbanchal 2013 wooed Indian Travellers from Bihar
Sustainable Tourism Network Annual General Meeting Held
Qatar Airways holds regional meet in Kathmandu
Bhaktapur receives highest number of tourists, earns over 170 million

Subash Nirola appointed as NTB's Acting CEO

The 187th Meeting of Executive Committee of  Nepal Tourism Board held on July 15, 2013 has appointed Mr. Subash Nirola as Acting Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board. With this appoint, he has now also become the Member Secretary of Nepal Tourism Board. Prior to this, he had been working in the capacity of Officiating Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board.  Mr. Nirola joined Nepal Tourism Board as a  Director in 1999 and was senior most Director prior to being appointed as Officiating CEO.

Commenting about his new appointment, Mr. Nirola says that it has given him a more challenge and responsibility, and he is fully determined to steer the Nepal Tourism Board in a positive direction.   “ I have already started the process of revamping  the marketing strategy of Nepal Tourism Board by soliciting suggestion from travel trade industry  to make it effective and result oriented. And, I do believe that with the right approach and proper strategic plan, we can achieve our goal,” he says.

Nepal Tourism Board is a nodal organization established in 1999 on  the basis of Public Private Partnership for promotion of tourism of Nepal in the international market.

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NTB interacted with tourism associations on new marketing strategies

In the process of formulating strong marketing and promotional strategies in consultation with various tourism related associations and experts to feel the presence of Nepal as a happening destination in the international market, Nepal Tourism Board(NTB) held a meeting this week with the executive members of the Nepal Association of Tour and Trekking Agents(NATTA), Nepal Association of Tour Operators(NATO), Hotel Association Nepal(HAN) and Trekking Agents Association of Nepal(TAAN) separately. The idea behind this meeting is to brainstorm to explore the key areas in marketing and promotion that Nepal Tourism Board can join hands with the associations.

Addressing the meetings,  Acting Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board Mr. Subash Niroula said that the rapid globalization has caused a paradigm shift  in tourism marketing and promotion, and it has become imperative for Nepal’s tourism industry to keep pace with the marketing shift with innovative plans and programs. “Ad hoc marketing doesn’t work in the present context that why we request associations to come up with their annual marketing and promotional plans with strong reasons so that it would be easier for Nepal Tourism Board to see the avenues where it can fit in,” said Mr. Niroula.

In the meeting with NATO, its President Mr. Ashok Pokharel raised the question  to bring quality tourists in Nepal and to increase the length of stay so that it would benefit Nepalese tourism as a whole. He also mooted the idea for international marketing tie-up  with  international airlines for sales missions in Europe.  In the meeting with TAAN, its President Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa emphasized on promoting and marketing the new trekking routes recently explored by TAAN in the international travel market. He also said that Nepal should be promoted for all seasons through festivals, events and promotional programs in the country.

In another separate meeting, President of NATTA, Mr. Pabitra Kumar Karki said that Nepal’s tourism industry should focus its promotional and marketing efforts in China. General Secretary of HAN Mr. Amar Shakya, in another meeting, said that without Chinese tourists, many hotels in Nepal would remain empty. He emphasized to lure more Indian tourists in Nepal as they are high spenders.
Since the recent budget of Nepal’s government has made a mandatory provision for the employees of public corporations running in profit and those employees working in 'A' and 'B' class bank and  financial institution to go for internal tourism in Nepal on the expenses of the respective institutions, the officials of Nepal Tourism Board requested NATTA and HAN to make a package for domestic tourists to avail of this encouraging provision.

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Promoting Nepal as a MICE destination discussed

In order to reposition the Nepal’s image in the international tourism market with a strong marketing and promotional strategies, Nepal Tourism Board has started parleying  with tourism associations and experts to adopt a strategy that penetrates the market more subtly.

To discuss about promoting Nepal as a Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition(MICE) destination, Nepal Tourism Board today held discussion with the representatives of Five and Four Star hotels. 

Explaining the Strategy, Subash Nirola- Officiating Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board said: “New strategies will be instrumental in increasing the number of tourists to Nepal. Prior to this, we were solely dependant on the individual overseas tour operators to promote Nepal but we will now all be working together in a concerted, focused and centralized effort to penetrate new segment of a market that has great potential.”

The representatives of hotels raised the question that the MICE package of Nepal  has become expensive compared to other destinations due to expensive airfare and requested Nepal Tourism Board to look into this matter seriously to attract more tourists in Nepal.

The Nepal Tourism Board asked them to form a consortium so that it would be easy to explore, promote and support MICE tourism in whatever way it can.   Nepal Tourism Board also requested them to provide the modality for  concert market and promotion plan in the focused and targeted market.

Nepal has all ingredients that a MICE destination should have: the true feeling of hospitality; smiling people; festivals throughout the year; extreme & air sports; meditation and many more. "Our philosophy is that a destination brand is the totality of perceptions that a customer holds about the experiences associated with a place," Mr. Nirola  added.

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Chalo Purbanchal 2013 wooed Indian Travellers from Bihar

Eastern Nepal Tourism Sales Mission had a debut in the eastern part of India with special announcements of Chalo Purbanchal 2013 amongst the prominent media and Tour Operators from Bihar.

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), in its continuous effort of promoting Nepal in Indian market jointly paved its way to a 3-city road show with  Biratnagar Association of Travel Agents (BATA)  along with the Travel Trade companies from the Eastern part of Nepal. The promotional campaign specially aimed at increasing awareness and educating the Indian travellers on Nepals tourism products and offerings. The road show made its target to prominent cities of Bihar i.e; Purneya, Darbanga and Patna on July 10, 11 and  12, 2013 respectively.

The road show comprised of two major segments; Media interaction and B2B among the travel trade from Nepal and India. Leading local and national media partners like The Telegraph, Nava Bharat, and Hindustan along with the officials from electronic media made their representation in the program.

Nepal has always been a very popular destination among Indians as a recreational, shopping and pilgrimage destination. The interactive program during the Sales Mission helped to position the country as a prominent destination amongst Hindus across the world. Earlier known as the only Hindu Kingdom of the world, Nepal is thronged with thousands of Shiva-devotees especially during Mahashivaratri to pay homage to Pashupatinath. There is a popular belief prevalent among the Hindus and the Indian devotees that a visit to these sacred sites will ensure a prosperous earthly life and a rewarding after-life.

The power point presentation made to the media and Tour Operators along with the brand montage and video shown during the campaign also highlighted on exclusive and luxury tourism products in terms of Casinos, Golf, Dining, Nightlife, Shopping of Indigenous Handicrafts, Woodworks, Pashmina, Carpets, Clothing, Souvenirs, and Jewellery & Electronics. Weekend Breaks, Spiritual Weekends, Family Weekends & Adventure Weekends were focused more for the Indian families those who travel to Nepal whilst responding to the queries from the participants about special tourism packages, safety, security and the issues of travel facilitation in the border points.

Jointly organized  by Biratnagar Association of Travel Agents (BATA) &   NTB, it  received an active participation from renowned hotels, travel agents & casino namely; Happy Hour Casino, Subha Nepal Namaskar Travels & Tours, Eastern Asia Travels Go Nepal .cm, Naulo Travels -  Biratnagar,   Hotel Makalu View, Hotel Hill Side,  Hotel Mount Everest, Hotel Panda Guest House & Hukka Bar, Peace Zone Hotel & Lodge, Hotel Himalaya -  Bhedetar,  Hotel Nava Yuga & Sechha Travelling Dharan, Yeti Airlines  & Buddha Air Biratnagarer etc. The event was successfully completed on 12th July, 2013 in Patna.

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Sustainable Tourism Network Annual General Meeting Held

Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) Annual General Meeting held on July 12, 2012 at Nepal Tourism Board. Total 40 STN members participated in the program. The meeting was organized to select new core group members for the year 2013 & 2014.

The program started with the welcome speech of Mr. Deepak Mahat, Managing Director, Adventure Thirdpole Treks and Expeditions, STN Core Group Member.

The program was followed by the distribution of Appreciation Certificates to former STN Core Group Members by, Mr. Aditya Baral, Director Public Relations and Publicity of Nepal Tourism Board. Speaking at the function Mr. Baral said STN should expand  tie up with regional and donor agencies, and STN should conduct its own activities.

Ms. Namrata Shrestha, STN Coordinator presented on Sustainable Tourism Network Core Group Members Selection Criteria. After the presentation the General Members representing their sector divided in groups to nominate the core group members.

The Meeting selected the following STN Core group Members for 2013 & 2014:

Nepal Tourism Board (Ex-officio)

Mr. Lila Bahadur Baniya- Sr. Manager-NTB

Private Sector:

1. Firante Treks & Expedition P. Ltd
2. Nepal Mountain Bike Tours P. Ltd
3. Samrat Travels & Tours P. Ltd
4. Encounters Nepal.com P. Ltd
5. Holiday World Trekking Nepal P. Ltd


1. Center for Environment & Sustainable Tourism Development Nepal (CEST, Nepal)
2. Everest Summiteers Association (ESA)
3. Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT)

Tourism Academic Institution

1. Raman Manpower Training Center (RMTC)

Members representing outside Kathmandu Valley

1. Panauti Tourism Development Center

The AGM also formed the Advisory Committee representing different sectors for STN.
The program concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Lila Bahadur Baniya- Sr. Manager, Nepal Tourism Board and STN Core Group Member.

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Qatar Airways holds regional meet in Kathmandu

A two-day Regional Conference of Qatar Airways concluded in Kathmandu on July 17, 2013

A press release issued by Qatar Airways said delegates from seven countries took part in the first ever conference of this kind organized by it in Nepal. Senior executives and country managers to commercial and sales managers level officials of the airline attended the conference held with the theme of “Own the Business", the statement added.

According to the release, the conference was combined with a “team building exercise” on the second day. “The participants not only discussed the regional opportunities, challenges and developed strategies for the region to reach new heights to the 5-star carrier but also energized and boosted themselves with team building workshop,” the release further added.

The Doha-based carrier operates four flights a day on Kathmandu-Doha route.

The airlines has been flying a modern fleet of 125 aircrafts to 128 key business and leisure destinations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

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Bhaktapur receives highest number of tourists, earns over 170 million

Bhaktapur Municipality has earned Rs 173.7 million the last fiscal year as it received the highest number of tourists in the district so far, state-owned news agency RSS reports

As many as 258,244 tourists had visited the district in the Fiscal Year 2069/2070 B.S. while the number was 232,338 in the last Fiscal Year 2068/2069. It is the increase by 11 per cent.

The Bhaktapur Municipality has received Rs. 11 million from the tourists arriving from SAARC countries including China while it has received Rs. 162.6 million from those out of the SAARC countries, according to the Information Centre at the Municipality.

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