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Media Center

About Media Center 

Recognizing the media’s role in influencing public opinion throughout the world, Nepal Tourism Board in consultation with its tourism stakeholders established Media Center within its existing setup in 2003. The Media Center aims to facilitate Nepal-based foreign journalists as well as national media community by disseminating accurate tourism information related to Nepal’s tourism products and activities. This Center also plays an active role by interacting with the international media in promoting Nepal and its image as premier destination. Media Center is equipped with human resources and electronic gadgets to support and facilitate national and international media community covering tourism news of Nepal.

Working Modality 

  • The Media Center plays a pivotal role in the dissemination of tourism news and promotion of Nepal nationally and internationally.
  • It regularly sends out information related to Nepal’s tourism to national and international journalists and hundreds others in its database.
  • Membership card is provided to journalists interested in Nepalese tourism. Membership of NTB Media Center gives access to NTB Media Center (equipped with computer and Internet services) and latest tourism news.
  • It organizes familiarization tours from time to time for Media Center Members.
  • Details of ToR for attaining membership will be provided upon request.


Eligibility to be member

  • The following individuals, organizations and institutions can apply for the membership of NTB Media Center:
  • Media representatives (national / international)
  • Visiting media representatives
  • Scholars from the international sector who wish to undertake research on Nepal (history, geography, culture,tourism)
  • Individuals from diplomatic missions and donor agencies
  • Professionals


Facilities that Media Center offers

  • Internet
  • Photocopy
  • Scanner
  • Laser Printer
  • Telephone/ Fax
  • Other logistic support


Services to be provided

  • Provides updated information about Nepal’s tourism and related issues to media and travel organizations.
  • Provides travel related brochures, CD Rom, posters and other reading materials printed by Nepal Tourism.
  • Liaisons with Government and non-government organizations to facilitate reporting assignment within Nepal.
  • Updates data for the use of media.
  • Facilitates in obtaining visa and trekking permit to special areas.
  • Recognizes outstanding media persons for their contribution to Nepal’s tourism industry.
  • Information dissemination during crisis in close coordination with Crisis Response Action Unit.