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Chaite Dashain

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Chaite Dashain
March 31, 2012
March 13, 2012

Hindus celebrate Dasain twice a year in Nepal.
Chaite Dasain is one of these. The most public of the
ceremonies are the ritual animal sacrifices performed by the army
in the courtyard of the police station at Hanuman Dhoka. This
commence from 8:00 a.m. and is performed before the banners
and insignia of various military units. Goats and buffaloes are
the victims, beheaded by a single stroke of the sword. In previous
years anyone in the audience could volunteer to dispatch one
of the animals, but this custom has lapsed. Western visitors are
allowed to view from a balcony overlooking the courtyard, with
a splendid view of all the gore. The rites last about two hours and
are concluded after the military commander smears each of the
banners with the sacrificial blood.

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