National Events

Participant Details

    Bird Conservation Nepal
    Lazimpat, Kathmandu
    Tel: + 977-4417805, 4420213
    Fax: + 977-1-4413884
    Web: www.birdlifenepal.org
    Representative in the STN
    Name: Mr. Dipendra Joshi
    Designation: Executive Officer
    Year of establishment: 2006

    Primary focus:
    Sustainable Tourism Development
    Marketing & Promotion
    Product development and sales
    International networking

    Ongoing activities related to sustainable tourism

    We do partnering and cooperation with community based organizations (CBOs) and local entrepreneurs to develop sustainable products and market them internationally. We     welcome partnering with CBOs especially from rural areas who already have created their     own ideas and/ or programs they could offer to international tourists. We develop and     continuously upgrade our spiritual retreat-and wellness-packages as well as culture and     heritage tours. We built an international network for the promotion of sustainable     tourism in the Himalayas, especially Nepal.

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of ongoing activities
    All over Nepal

    Planned activities related to sustainable tourism
•    Exploration of new destinations and possible partners
•    Product development
•    International marketing, promotion and networking

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of planned activities
    All over Nepal

    Past activities related to sustainable tourism
    Screening of destinations and possible partners for potential tourism products

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of past activities
    All over Nepal

    Cooperation/ networking with other partners
    Marketing & Promotion
    PPP (public private partnership)
    Corporate social responsibility
    International Marketing & Promotion