National Events

Participant Details

    Jalabinayak Community Forest User's Group
    Kirtipur Municipality Ward no. 14
    Jalabinayak Sthan
    Tel: + 977- 1-4430242
    Email: jalabinayak@yahoo.com

    Representative in the STN
    Name: Mr. Indra Bahadur Maharjan
    E-mail: jalabinayak@yahoo.com
    Year of establishment: 2062 BS

    Short description
    Jalabinayak Community Forest User's Group registered under the forest Act and active to     construct infrastructure for Eco-tourism.  
    Major activities:
    Ongoing activities related to sustainable tourism
    Environment protection, picnic shed construction, promotion of cave and other historical     places, park construction.  

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of ongoing activities
•    Kathmandu, kirtipur municipality, ward no. 14, jalabinayaksthan

    Planned activities related to sustainable tourism
•    Children park, Rock garden, Cave trek,

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of planned activities

    Kathmandu, kirtipur municipality, ward no 14, Jalabinayak sthan

    Past activities related to sustainable tourism
    Construction of different infrastructure
    Preparation of promotional materials

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of past activities
    Jalabinayak areas & periphery
    Strengths of
    Tourism plans and reviews
    Tourism infrastructure development
    Capacity building
    Research & publication
    Cooperation/ networking with other partners
    Social mobilization
    Marketing & promotion
    Public private partnership
    Awareness building
    Environmental awareness/ preservation
    Culture and heritage conservation
    Conservation and preservation