National Events

Participant Details

    Meghauli Tourism Development Committee
    Meghauli VDC
    Ward No. 5
    Representative in the STN
    Name: Mr. Bishwa Raj Subedi
    Designation: Vice- Chairman
    E-mail: brsubedi@yahoo.com

    Year of establishment: 2060 BS

    Short description
    Meghauli Tourism Development Committee is a non-profitable, non government     organization. It has vital role for sustainable development of tourism in Meghauli. We     rganized tourism fair, tourism infrastructure development in Meghauli.

    Primary focus:
    Project Implementation
    Tourism Policy Development
    Strategic Planning
    Institutional Development
    Sustainable Tourism Development
    Marketing & Promotion
    Product Development & Sales

    Ongoing activities related to sustainable tourism
•    Eco- park in community forest
•    Entrance gate in Meghauli
•    Museum
•    Pond
•    Crocodile breading center
•    Urban wild animal conservation

    Planned activities related to sustainable tourism

•    Airport development plan submitted in ministry
•    Road
•    Eco park
•    Cultural activities
•    Training etc

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of planned activities
•    Home stay development
•    Hotel and resort development
•    Picnic park and sunset view point development
•    Eco park development

    Past activities related to sustainable tourism
•    Training
•    Road and airport development
•    Tourism fair
•    Eco park

 Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of past activities
•    We are going to develop megauli in 3 territory
a) Eco park (near airport)
b) Picnic park (sajnapur)
c) Sunset view point (gola ghat only plan)

    Strengths of the organization
    Tourism plans and reviews
    Tourism infrastructure development
    Capacity building
    Research & Publication
    Social mobilization
    Marketing & promotion
    Awareness Building
    Environmental Awareness/ Preservation
    Cultural and Heritage Conservation