National Events

Participant Details

    The Mountain Institute (TMI)
    POB: 2785
    Tel: + 977- 1-4419356,4414237
    Fax: 977-1-4410073
    Representative in the STN
    Name: Ms. Sarah Subba
    Designation: Program Development Officer
    E-mail: ssubba@mountain.org
    Year of establishment: 1988

    Short description
    TMI was established in 1972 in Virginia, USA to conserve high priority mountain     ecosystems, improve mountain livelihoods and promote the well-being of mountain     people through education, applied research and outreach. TMI has worldwide programs     in Asia, Central Asia, the Andes and the USA.

    Primary focus     
    Tourism plans and reviews
    Institutional development
    Sustainable tourism development
    Technical support

     Ongoing activities related to sustainable tourism
    Conservation and promotion of sacred sites, both cultural and natural with the  in Nepal
    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of ongoing activities
•    Khumbu, (tourism), Illam, Panchthar, Taplejung, Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Mugu

    Planned activities related to sustainable tourism
•    Promote tourism in far of remote areas along the Great Himalayan Trail

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of planned activities
    Central Nepal (Langtang)
    Western Nepal (Dolpa, Humla, Mugu, Jumla)
    Eastern Nepal (Kanchenjunga)

    Past activities related to sustainable tourism

    Sacred sites of Khumbu (community based tourism)
    High Altitude Wetlands (CBT in sacred sites)
    Formation of Porter groups

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of past activities

    Tourism plans and reviews
    Tourism infrastructure development
    Capacity building
    Research & publication
    Cooperation/ networking with other partners
    Social mobilization
    Public private partnership
    Technical advises
    Environmental awareness/ preservation
    Culture and heritage conservation
    Conservation and preservation
    Social inclusion & gender
    Participatory methods
    Project management