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Panauti Tourism Development Center

Panauti Tourism Development Center 

Address (incl. Phone, Fax, website)
Panauti Tourism Development Center 
Nawadurga Dabali-7, Panauti 
Tel: +977-11-440093
Email: welcomepanauti@yahoo.com

Representative in the STN
Name: Mr. Suresh Sainju  
Designation : President 
Email: sureshsainaju@hotmail.com

Year of establishment : 2065 BS 

Primary focus
Project implementation 
Tourism policy development 
Strategic planning 
Sustainable tourism development 
Financial support/fundraising 
Marketing & promotion 
Product development & sales  

Ongoing activities related to sustainable tourism 
Tourist service center 
Home stay 
Panauti Peace Gallery 

Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of ongoing activities 
Tourist Service Center is in Durbar Square, Layaku in Panauti. 
Panauti Peace Gallery is in Layeku, Nawadurga Dabali in Panauti
Home stay in 25 different traditional houses inside and outside Panauti

Planned activities related to sustainable tourism
Developing hiking route (new) 
Promote new destinations 
Develop picnic spots in different places 
Build building with as tourist service center with residential. 
Protection, preservation and promotion of traditional music and dance 

Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of planned activities 
Environment protection 
Cleaning campaign 

Past activities related to sustainable tourism 
Cultural promotion programme 
Tourist information center 
Panauti Peace Gallery 
Trainings and seminar 
Cleaning campaign 

Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of past activities 
Panauti Tourism Development Center is established on 2065 BS for the developing possibilities as tourist destination as much as to preserve, promote and exploring Panauti
& its culture, festivals, traditions, heritage and natural beauty of Panauti and around it. 

Strength of the organization
Tourism Plans and reviews
Tourism infrastructure development
Capacity building
Research & Publications
Cooperation/ networking with other partners
Social mobilization 
Marketing & Promotion
PPP (public private partnership)
Awareness building 
Environmental awareness/ preservation
Culture and Heritage conservation
Monitoring & Evaluation
Rural tourism development
Conservation and preservation
Corporate social responsibility
Social inclusion & gender
Project management