National Events

Participant Details

    Dream Nepal Travel & Tours P. Ltd
    POB: 20209
    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: + 977-1-4413690
    Fax: + 977-1-4255487
    Email: stt@mos.com.np

    Representative in the STN
    Name: Mr. Bijaya Pradhan
    Designation: Ex. Chairman

    Year of establishment: 1999

    Short description of the Organization
    Private sector involved in sustainable tourism development in Nepal. 

    Primary focus:
    Sustainable Tourism Development
    Marketing & promotion
    Product development and sales

    Ongoing activities related to sustainable tourism
    Development of Community Based Tourism and Sustainable Tourism in Nepal. 

     Past activities related to sustainable tourism
    Trainings on environmental issues
    Promotion and marketing of Community Based Tourism.

    Geographic areas location (DDC/VDC) of past activities
    All Nepal

    Strengths of the organization
    Research & publication
    Cooperation/ networking with other partners
    Marketing & promotion
    Social mobilization
    Awareness building
    Environment awareness/preservation
    Culture and heritage conservation
    Rural tourism development
    Conservation and preservation 
    Corporate social responsibility
    Social inclusion & gender
    Participatory methods